Friday, 24 May 2013

Coursera Assignment: Crafting an Effective Writer... Week 2

List of Five Verbs:

1. Sing : Manisha loves singing and she has a lovely voice.
2. Dance: Dancing is my favorite leisure activity.
3. Write : I love writing on my blog.
4. Read : My grandpa loves reading, he reads to me every night.
5. Play : Playing outdoors increases social interaction and makes children happy.

List of Five Adverbs:

1. Loudly : He was talking so loudly, that the teacher punished him.
2. Rashly : Don't drive rashly, you might have an accident.
3. Often : He would often go walking all by himself in the woods.
4. Quite : She was not quite satisfied with her assignment, so she did it all over again.
5. Happily : The two brothers played happily by the stream.

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