Sunday, 24 April 2011

When All Falls Apart...

The strings of the quartet
falling apart,
the unsung melodies, remain unsung,
staring in her eyes,
thought he,
so this is betrayal?
Their first meeting,
the first kiss under the silver moonlight,
the warm caresses, the dewy morning,
when he held her close and she whispered promises.
Promises that now seem absurdly meaningless.
Love that seem tender yesterday,
looked ugly today,
poisonous, filthy,
promises made, empty.
He scorned at his foolish heart,
his mind,
wavering on the brink of malevolent anger.
A voice somewhere deep inside,
mocked him in derision...
laughing at him in silent mirth...
Anger, pain, scorn, jealousy, confusion
He was drowning...
She stood before him,
a mute silent spectator,
her eyes asking for the forgiveness,
he could not find...
He closed his eyes shut,
forgiveness, probably, would later be...
He turned around...
Now at the moment,
He just wanted to breathe...


Thushara said...

Very nice... but i honestly think it should have been the other way round... :)

Tuhin said...

Superb! Strong feelings!

Sayak Boral said...

Yea...betrayals suck

Saurav said...

Instead of asking for forgiveness she should have called for help :))

an emboldened mystique said...

you have used words brilliantly to portray emotions... strong...!