Thursday, 30 December 2010

2010..people who mattered...

Well as the title might suggest, I should warn all the readers right in the beginning, it's isn't a current affairs post.. no, I won't be talking about the numerous scams our country faced... the dirty games our politicians, media personals or the rich guys played... or for that matter how everyone and anyone who stepped in to this country became corrupt... and how helpless our democracy is becoming!!! there are too many posts on them already!!!
Before beginning a disclaimer.. I have mentioned quite a few people here I met and loved in 2010, but I have left out Sagnik Sanyal ie Rony, my brother... who is, was and will always be extremely special to me... since he has had the numero uno position in my list of attention since 1988.. I didn't think of separately mentioning him... but not to hurt his sentiments, he remains my favourite person of all times!!!! :)
So this is a post about "ME".. well basically as a lot of people know.. I m probably my favorite topic... so this is an article written about how my 2010 went.
Well in the first place I needn't have written this particular post... but nowadays as a lot of people have started taking an interest in my blog...( to my utter surprise).. and i have even acquired two followers!!!... surprise.. surprise!!! I felt imperative to write something... so here it goes...
Well first I met some amazing people this year.. notable among them Aanand, Shibram, Niloy.. they went on to become, in the course of the year... amazing friends...!!! A word or two about each...
Aanand, I met at a music concert... and the first thing that attracted me to him was his red "kurta" and the second, his utter indifference to the cacophony around him.. he was one of the few who were actually concentrating on the music being played in front of them!!! I love people like him!!!... in the later part of the year as I got to know him better, I learnt that there were many many things common between us... our liking of history, our shared interest in reading, our disdain of Internet books, our interest in world's mysterious places...etc etc... he's got this aura of simplicity and honesty...and a quiet, calm demeanor unlike me, an amazing sense of humour and he's a looker!!! :) it was really special knowing him...
Shibram... I must confess that this guy's a brain... he was one of the toppers in the IES exam.. but besides that he's a wonderful wonderful friend.. and a wonderful person... though we did fight in the middle of the year...but we did make up... and it was a wonderful experience knowing him...especially the last day we spent'll always be special to me!!!
Niloy... he's actually my friend's friend... but I must confess.. I talk to him more than I do with that friend of mine!!!! this guy is a store house of talent... he's a dancer, a photographer and an artist all rolled into one...though I have had only one chance of meeting him.. I did come to know a lot of silly stuff about him.. like his fear of horror movies!!! his love for Christmas Carols!!!! his interest in visiting Victoria Memorial and the Indian Museum... all of which I loved!!! it's been amazing knowing him...I hope we remain buddies in 2011 too!!!!
Another person this year I somewhat become a lot more closer to was Gabbu ie Sayan my cousin... though we had been close in the past but this year we actually graduated to being amazing friends!!! maybe his "break up" had something to do with this but I cherish it nonetheless.. not the break up.. but our renewed closeness... Gabbu is not just "my cousin" anymore but a very close, indispensable friend!!!!
Another person who I must mention...I became a lot more closer to was Anupa... at the outset I must tell u.. she's my oldest friend in Kolkata, no, not in terms of age, she's quite young and beautiful...(probably one of the most beautiful girls I have known!!!) but in terms of our association...we go back to Calcutta Girls days... well we were always close but 2010 somehow saw the re kindling of that friendship... it was beautiful thing... also I should thank her for the numerous passes of musical concerts that she supplied... the advices she keeps giving me regarding my choice of guys!!!! and also the wonderful and eventful Durga Pujo at her place...!!!
While I m on the subject of people who mattered to me in 2010.. I have to mention the two Sourav's... one Upadhay and the other Chatterjee... come to it they both share the same first name...!!!.. ok Sourav Upadhay I knew him from probably 2009.. but we really came to know each other and actually become close buddies this year... it was wonderful wonderful knowing the guy.. who I believe someday will rise up to be a brilliant bureaucrat or a brilliant politician. Coming to Saurav Chatterjee... he's my cousin's class mate.. and to be honest I haven't met him personally yet... but we became amazingly close internet friends... actually we share many common interests and to be honest I thought we were "soul mates" there can't be any other word to describe our friendship!!! :)
Oh before I forget.. I have to mention Maria.. I came to know her this properly..and trust me it was an amazing discovery of a person who has to an extent become my idol... She's a Spanish Languages Professor of Calcutta University and she has really lived life on her own terms... she's traveled to as many as 5 countries in different continents!!! and she has this amazing collection of earrings... yes she's my personal favorite of 2010!!!! we concurred on numerous topics...though she's leaving the next year.. i do hope our friendship continues beyond our Cal days!!!!
Another person without whom this write up would not be complete is Sayak Boral... he has been an amazing friend, counselor, guide, philosopher...and what not!!!! though I have known him for a long time... this year saw renewed friendship between the two of us... so much so that I was inspired to write a fictional story on it.. I made my protagonist a lot like him!!!! Sayak thanks for being my pillar of strength when I needed a friend!!!! :)
Not to forget my evergreen friends who made even this year a memorable one... Pushpal... my all weather friend...we fight, we make up, then we fight some more and again make up...!!!! Some of my best memories this year are with him... Ananyadi's marriage, the last day of the Pujo....what not!!! oh i also tried hooking him up with this friend of mine...but that's a different story... Neelanjana... my best freind out here... as usual the gal's been there for me!!!!! love u for that... :)
Now coming to myself.. I learnt quite a few things about ME!!!! like I hate guys who are deeply into "Branded stuff"... I mean it's good to have info on national and international branded stuffs.. and use them, wear them, eat them and the like.. but to be a fan of them and to be devoted to them is something I can't stand!!!.. and of course I hate the guys who do not take an interest in outdoor sports!!! and also those guys who watch Zoom channel on television when they are alone!!!! I mean guys be MEN... plz!!!
Ok perhaps the most important lesson of 2010... for me was : Do not go into a relationship that lacks physical chemistry... seriously I mean it guys.. you'll start hating yourself!!!
I took up violin...oh god now I love myself even more... now I can add another qualification to my illustrious CV ( no pun intended)!!!
Also I actually started writing short stories... I didn't think I could... I thought I could only write boring nonrhythmic poetry.... which I must tell you my brother hates!!! of course Times Of India didn't think they were worthy enough to be printed.. but my friends liked it and u can actually see some of the praises they have showered upon the stories on my blog!!!! :)....
This year like the ones before it saw me not living upto my resolutions!!!!.. well i believe i hadn't made any.. but even if I had i don't remember them now!!!!
Guys the year's ending.. I m sure u must have had a much more fruitful year than the one I had.. but nevertheless.. I cherish this year.. for the people I met and the relationships I renewed. They, for most part made 2010 memorable for me!!!! Thank u dear readers for reading through this monologue!!! love u all and may u have a wonderful, fruitful 2011!!! God Bless u!! :)