Sunday, 29 August 2010

Facing Failure: A Reality Check...

Well this may not be utterly inspirational or motivational but it's something which i had to write about... probably it's therapeutic to an extent...well i faced one of the biggest personal setback a few weeks ago in my life... well it was the most heartbreaking thing ever and i right now hate myself...i feel like a complete loser...which probably i m... in a way... no matter what big and famous people say about failures and how to get over it and how one should be able to face them and stuff...fact remains that nothing...absolutely nothing can make u feel all right...fact is you have failed in a certain endeavor because u weren't deserving or capable enough...and if it is something that your heart dearly wished for...well in that situation... u r probably doomed....u will always have that big gaping hole right in your heart... probably in the space of time, you'll take consolation in the fact that you tried really hard and it just wasn't what destiny had for u or u weren't meant to do it...and philosophical crap like that...but nothing can change the fact that you ultimately didn't get what u had set out to achieve... and that my friends is something really really hard to take.
People... well meaning and at times some not so well meaning... all would offer you consolation and advice... and sorry for being rudely honest... this is the worst time these can come... honestly each and every one of us... who has failed at some point of their lives... knows exactly what has been the cause of it... even if u rn't telling so to the world... deep in ur heart u know exactly where u slipped... and when people around u start giving u advice or consolation... with ur best interest in their heart ofcourse... u really don't need them... but u can't tell them so because telling them so would earn what little support u had... so u keep mum... listen to it and start even acting on some of them.
Anyways I have no bloody idea why I wrote all these stuff on my blog... probably not the best way to advertise the fact that u r a complete loser....even to the extent of publishing failures on a public forum. But as I said before I needed to write this. I just hope in a few years time I can look to this as an utter act of madness and laugh about it. Thanks for hearing out.