Sunday, 7 February 2010

Columns of the World...

I came across these really beautiful lines by the Mexican poet Betsabee Romero at a visit to this year's Kolkata Book Fair... I m reproducing it here, go on read them..u'll really like it...

Books as a bastion of memory and growth,
sustenance of dreams and utopias torn down by reality
in every news item
in every life
in every silence
given the injustice and oblivion.

Symbolic foundation of invention and creation,
of voyages and real or imaginary paths.

Literature, story, word
the structure and coordinate
that articulate and join irrevocable resistances and struggles.

Books, indubitable and indispensable
fragments of our cultural architecture.

Our literature,
column, roof and floor of our reflections
relative and witness of what's ours
that which defines us
and builds us, deep down.

Reading is the most roving habit
the baggage that holds the most time
history and lives accumulated in words
a translator that speaks in perfumes, tastes, phrases, geographies,
a continent held up by words
written and read in family circles.

technology falls, bursts, fails;
modernity has betrayed us countless times,
literature makes up the pillars
the columns of colors and words that seem to faint away
but that, thanks to the great works,
like our pyramids
and their meanings
lift us up.