Saturday, 22 November 2008

Women Are From Venus...

I came across an incident of marital violence some days ago...It was one of my frend...I had never ever expected she had any kind of past but she did and listening about it terrified was horrendous...I kept thinking about it for a long long time...I have often observed..ofcourse a lot of my readers will disagree with me,that in any kind of relationship,the woman always, always are compromising more and more and more....they are the ones who always sacrifice and only some lucky ones are acknowledged...I m not saying that they sacrifice because they want the acknowledgement,they do it because they really care about their families....but what I m trying to say is there some kind of pschye that women carry,some kind of notion that just because they are women,they think it's their time honoured duty to put others interest ahead of herself.I guess she does because she really cares or maybe the society's attuned in such a way that makes a woman feel guilty if for once she cares about her own interests rather than that of others.There's this trailer of a sitcom that appears on the Colours channel in which a woman is shown asking a similar type of question that has been posed above.Maybe I have recently had a bad experience about hearing a rather unpalatable version of a marriage gone really bad that I m posing these kind of of questions or thinking this way...otherwise such has been the role of women since the dawn of history.Our Hindu mythologies have examples galore...Sita had to give the "agnipariksha" time & again to prove her loyalty and chastity, Gandhari of Mahabharata had to remain blindfolded throughout her life because her husband had been born a blind man, even Draupadi had to sacrifice her five sons inorder that her five husbands be saved! I m not saying these women did wrong,history would have been quite different if Sita refused to give her fire ordeal time & again and asked Ram for a change to face the fire ordeals hinself, if Gandhari refused to be blindfolded...maybe the great war itself wouldn't have taken place or if Draupadi had told her husbands to face the enemy instead of sacricing her sons!!!!!! Maybe the society expects women to sacrifice, to keep compromising time and again, maybe someone is needed to do a little sacrifice inorder that the social balance may be maintained... maybe that's why women are born, that's why they are the ones who can bring life forth and nurture it. Maybe just maybe she needs little more respect than she normally gets, a little more frequent acknowledgement of her immense capacity for selflessness.

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