Sunday, 2 November 2008

The Ideological Credence Of Terrorism

Terrorism: One of the words which have been used too much too many times in the recent past especially in India and is currently the favourite word of the two Presidential contenders in the USA.We all know the aim of terrorism,it is to spread terror or in more sophisticated terms violence in order to acheive the desired result.My question is do the "terrorist"(as they are called in the common parlence)adhere to any kind of ideology or their only motive is to ruthlessly kill people?Terrorism as a weapon to acheive the ends is not a new phenomenon,India has had a history of revolutionaries right from the Chapekar Brothers to Bhagat Singh who had been called "terrorists" by the British and 'revolutionaries' by their countrymen,who did use violence to make their griviences heard.But as Bhagath Singh time and again asserted,"Terrorism as an ideology cannot acheive much"so our freedom fighters moved from what has been called the "cult of Bomb" in the days of Khudiram to the "philosophy of bomb"in the times of Bhagat Singh and Sukhdev.The two had vastly different connotations.While the 'cult of bomb' did follow individual terrorist acts inspired by the Irish revolutionaries,the 'philosophy of bomb' just used terror as a weapon to make their demands meet..their explicit aim being not to harm any innocent whether native or foriegn,that was the reason when Bhagath Singh and B.Dutt threw the bomb in the Legislative Assembly,it was not meant to injure anyone but just give the pretence of a bomb blast.

Anyway we have since long travelled from the days of Bhagat Singh and entered into the times of Osama Bin Laden amd somewhere in that long journey,the ideology followed by the revolutionaries or teerorists as they are now known as have got lost.Today an act of terrorism does not potray anxieties of the opressed or the neglected minority,instead it manifests the destructive power of a few which destroys millions and orphans a few more.In a nutshell TERRORISM TODAY DOES NOT HAVE ANY IDEOLOGY OR THE TERRORISTS OF TODAY JUST TERRORISE PEOPLE FOR THEIR INDIVIDUAL GAINS.

The all pervesive question of how to contain terrorism has come up time and again and one answer everyone right from scholers to politicians agreed was the socio-economic upliftment of the backward and the neglected classes of the society from where it was found that the majority of people engaging in terror came from..but this does not hold true anymore's terrorists come from affluent middle class,educated families who are sufficiently educated themselves and have the necessary sophistication to understand fully well the consequences of their actions.These are the numerically few who are holding the numerically large to ransom through their acts of terror.

The answer to the question as to how to contain terrorism lies within each of us today.We have to decide whether we want to live coherently and solve our problems in a civilised manner,through peaceful and constructive methods or would we choose the path of violence,of terror and destruction to have our grievinces heard when there won't be anybody at all to hear them.

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