Wednesday, 19 November 2008

An Honest Confession

I am not perfect,I don't aim to be;
I stand in the madenning crowd,
Part of it, yet isolated.
The isolation reflects upon my shadow
While I think I'm ahead of others,
It stands still,silent,a spectator of my quest for perfection
"Life is rising above mediocrity",
the world around me thus advocates.
Creating one's individual niche,
I thus question myself,
"In my quest for perfection,
Aren't I getting lost in mindless mediocrity?"
What then is "Perfection" when everyone seem to be eager to attain?
All our shadows stand a silent testament
While we vie for a place ahead of others
The madness,
In pursuit of that "perfection"
And I say..."I am really glad
I am not perfect."

1 comment:

fdsafs said...

Hi Sreerupa, It was wonderfully written. I agree to your view about life.
Think about this: You live only once.
-If you stop chasing perfection you may end up in a situation later in life where you look back at what could have been.
-Human beings who dont trust God tend to be more in the race 'cos they think they one handedly design their future.
The solution to raise above this problem is to trust in God and let him lead us in his way while we enjoy our ride across the world.(Our pursuit of our interests)(pursuit of interest =passion=success)(passion=hardwork=please God=success=happiness)